Staff Outing!

Yes, it’s the height of the English summer, and we are really busy trying to help everyone who wants to get out on the water.  The River Trent is looking gorgeous and we are hugely grateful that lots of you want to enjoy it!DSCF7893But it means we don’t have as much time to get out there ourselves.  We like to paddle the routes from time to time so after everyone had left on Saturday, Robin and Paddy took a canoe out for a Taster Paddle at dusk*


DSCF7868The neighbours were intrigued

IMG-20160731-WA0011_resized 1Anchor Church caves were peaceful and deserted.  The river level is low enough to get under the footbridge to explore.  They opted against having a swim on this occasion!




IMG-20160731-WA0005_resizedThe line of poplar trees gives their river location away pretty clearly; Barrow on Trent.

The Taster Paddle is the shortest Adventure we offer, just under 4 miles on the river and a duration of under 1 hour if you don’t stop to explore the caves.  It’s a really good place to start!  Call us and your Adventure is just around the corner.  07876 751 599


*we don’t let our Adventurers paddle after dusk

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